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thatDonOguy on 10/08/2012 at 02:21AM

Happy damed Guy Llama X-mas

Due to the incoming slaughter of the fall holiday season, I've just begun to cram X-mas related material into me iPod (well as some Hunter S Thompson recording for an upcoming Las Vegas trip. I wonder if that poor sap did a X-mas LP? Nevermind....). Thus I've been scouting the Holiday section of this here FMA mountain for more "alternative" choices.

However, there as been one "alternative" holiday title that I have returned to over and over since I got my CD copy well over 10 years ago: SANTA'S WORKSHOP IS CLOSED: GUY LLAMA's GREATEST XMAS HITS 1990-1993! Long story short, it's basically a collection of X-mas recordings done by a hyper-talented and -creative yet bored kid who lived in the middle of know where. Luckily, he's multi-talented with various musical instruments, material, vocal performance and with a tape machine.

It's fun, creative and aggressively silly  (in a good way), more than if Weird Al Yanlovic had the nerve to do a X-mas CD.

Without boring you any further, you can read and download this wonderful mess at the now-grown-up kid's site:

Have fun and watch out for the occasional out dated Batman movie and Billy Ray Cirus references,


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thatDonOguy on 10/04/2012 at 06:36AM


Well, hell! As if I hadn't enough time on the internet for another blog. Until I DO have the time to dig through, oh, at least, 30% of this FMA mountain, there's my regular site at, facebook and tumbler (

In the meantime, see ya up on this here FMA mountain!


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