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Studio 11 is Chicago's premiere music production facility for rap, hip hop, dance, and electronic music.

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studio11 on 02/06/2015 at 05:30PM

Glass Lux - The New Wave Chicago Italo Connection

Glass Lux At Studio 11


Some of my fondest Studio 11 memories date back to the late nineties when studio manager Dan Scalpone and I would embark on our yearly trip to Cannes, France to attend Midem, the world music convention. Here we would meet with labels worldwide on behalf of Chicago musicians to sort out licensing and label deals. Notably, I remember meeting with the Donato brothers of Italy in respect to their Full Time music label and catalog. As innovators in the late wave of disco and early house music, they emphasized that there always stood a unique and deep connection with Chicago and Italo music. Kindly, they had gifted us their entire catalog on CD's notably all "The Very Best Of Full Time" volumes. While building the second recording studio at Studio 11 in Chicago we were limited to a CD Boombox on the construction site. Needless to say, the whole Full Time catalog became the music of choice and I recall hearing the classic "Spacer Woman" by Charlie over and over. Upon attending the early shows in Chicago by Studio 11 friends and musical sensation Glass Lux, I was blown away by their supercharged cover version of "Spacer Woman" and thrilled to hear the fabled Chicago Italo connection come back to life. 

The latest Glass Lux single "I'm A Machine" was mixed down at Studio 11 in late 2014 as a re-release of the bands original demo release. The song is an infectiously catchy ride through an electronic whirlwind. 


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studio11 on 03/13/2014 at 11:14PM

Studio 11 Chicago - Free Beats Volume 4 - Kris Anderson

Inspired by the rotating flux of Chicago hip hop and rap artists that come into Studio 11, this collection of beats written by engineer/producer Kris Anderson was meant to touch on the sounds of everyday big city and urban life. While the drums for each beat remain street in flavor, what makes this collection stand out is the many music influences Kris incorporates from Dub to Poppy Electro and even Industrial. Whether you are looking for that next potential hit song or the perfect music bed for your commercial or video, this collection will bring the streets to your beats. Also be on the lookout for additional volumes by Kris as well as Studio 11 producer/engineer Alex Gross on Free Music Archive.

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