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In September of 2011, I started editing the first season of my web series "8 for Vegas," a mockumetary about the NYC pool team Show Your Balls. I had a ton of footage, enough for 9 episodes... but was missing one crucial element: Music.

Earlier in the year, I shot video for a fundraising campaign and came across Kevin MacLeod's site of royalty-free music that is free to use commercially.

It was enormously helpful, and added a dimension to the series that only music can bring.

But I knew I was going to need a ton more music for the remaining episodes, and found myself at Using their fantastic search feature, I was able to find a TON of music that was free to use commercially under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution license (the same license used by Kevin MacLeod).

We share all of our musical discoveries through a dedicated music page on our website. At the invitation of Jason from the FMA, we've also curated a mix of some selections for the Free Music Archive. I hope you enjoy it. There is not only fantastic music out there to use for your film and video projects, but also a bunch of great music to download and enjoy personally.

You can check out the first season of "8 for Vegas" here, and if you end up enjoying it, help us spread the word about season 2!

Thank you for reading!

John Painz


all tracks licensed Creative Commons Attribution

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