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A filmmaker who started combing the web for creative commons music to add to my web series. I stumbled across FMA because of Daniel Veesey and his classical music performances.

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stilesjp on 03/20/2012 at 01:15PM

Creative Commons-Attribution Music for a Web Series

A scene from the web series 8 for Vegas

In September of 2011, I started editing the first season of my web series "8 for Vegas," a mockumetary about the NYC pool team Show Your Balls. I had a ton of footage, enough for 9 episodes... but was missing one crucial element: Music!

Earlier in the year, I shot video for a fundraising campaign and came across Kevin MacLeod's site of royalty-free music that is free to use commercially.

It was enormously helpful, and added a dimension to the series that only music can bring.

But I knew I was going to need a ton more music for the remaining episodes, and found myself at Using their fantastic search feature, I was able to find a TON of music that was free to use commercially under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution license (the same license used by Kevin MacLeod).

We share all of our musical discoveries through a dedicated music page on our website. At the invitation of Jason from the FMA, we've also curated a mix of some selections for the Free Music Archive. I hope you enjoy it. There is not only fantastic music out there to use for your film and video projects, but also a bunch of great music to download and enjoy personally.

Thank you for reading!

John Painz

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