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Shalom Salon was founded in 2006 as a recording and radio broadcasting studio.

Shalom Salon is becoming a serious international open-source net-label and studio with the aim to publish any kind of cross-media and cross-genre artwork.

Shalom Salon is aiming to extend the variety of mass-culture formats and give space for publications that will use the full capacity of modern Internet distribution. All Shalom Salon publications are kind of copyright protected by the Creative Commons license and free of charge.

For contact and booking feel free to regularily pray and we might watch out for you. And by the Way, Sadam Hussain is with the GEMA.

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shalomsalon on 11/08/2010 at 10:05PM

The Beat Tape Vol. 1 - Rap Ohne Lizenz

"Gay but Human!"

Vice Magazine"

Dicker als die Wange deiner wobbeligen Mutta!"

Seine Mutter

Download location: has called up their favorite producer from around the globe and compiled the wickedness in modern beat production. Hip Hop is only true for dicke Eier. "ROL Beat Tape Volume 1" is released with kind support of and is dedicated to our break dancers!

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shalomsalon on 12/17/2009 at 05:14AM

New Release FOC MUZIK - Lucy Louder & MXZEHN

FOC MUZIKLoucy Louder & MXZEHN 25 Masterpieces per SecondOn the furthest European outpost, the Bosporus, a city lies of ancient dimensions. A choir of muezzins is chanting into the haze between Asia and Europe. Bahadir Hamdemir, Stefan Kraus, Thomas Prestin, and Tilman Porschuetz traveled to Istanbul and met the Turkish drum virtuoso Cem Tan. A spirit who immediately possessed the group of visitors. He brought with him the wisdom of shaman, supersonic speed, and a wonderful distrust in rationality.

CC Download and Stream

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