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Here on the FMA, seg (Shawn Greenlee) contributes via his label IYNGES.


Shawn Greenlee is a sound and electronic media artist.   In recent performance and installation work, Greenlee focuses on generating digital audio from graphic patterns.  Via computer programs of his own design, he advances new methods for interpreting visual image as sound (graphic synthesis).  Further areas of investigation evident in his work include psychoacoustic phenomena, sonic environments, sound synthesis, telecommunications, and noise.  


Greenlee performed solo under the moniker, Pleasurehorse from 1997-2007, and founded and performs in the noise rock group, Landed (est. 1997). Other points of reference include his membership in the band, Six Finger Satellite (1999-2001), and his role in Providence's warehouse community of the late 90s including, the art collective and venue, Fort Thunder.


His discography includes releases on the labels: IYNGES, Load, Utech, Corleone, Vermiform, Hospital Productions, and History of the Future.   Touring extensively, Greenlee has performed at venues ranging from galleries and concert halls to clubs and warehouses across the United States and Europe.  He has given solo performances at festivals and conferences such as IN TRANSIT (2008 Berlin), Elevate (2007 Graz), International Computer Music Conference (2005 Barcelona), Boston Cyberarts Festival (2005), Performance Studies International (2005 Providence), New West Electro-Acoustic Organization (2004 Portland and San Diego), and Listening in the Sound Kitchen (2003 Princeton).


Greenlee is Assistant Professor of Foundation Studies at the Rhode Island School of Design.  He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Music & New Media at Brown University (2008) where he was affiliated with MEME (Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments).  Other education includes an MA in Computer Music & Multimedia Composition from Brown University (2003) and a BFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design (1996).

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