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seanongley on 07/11/2009 at 12:15PM


In these times of chaos, uncertainty, war and rumors of war, fear, doubt, and CHANGE, comes a band to lift our spirits, raise our confidence and feed us love via hard dance beats and psychedelic-electronic production. This band is MEGA*CHURCH. Just listen to "You Got the Power!" and tell me you wont be humming it down the street for the next week with a great smile, stoked to make the best of your day.

The title track, "Us>", is a hip hop inspired power house, reminding how to see each other without our egos flyin'. The "2 nite and 4 eva Sermon" is a reminder of everything you learned reading the great religious texts but palatable for the times we're in. "Hypergospel" is another dance floor power pop tune laying down the mission.

Sure, MEGA*CHURCH could become a cult, but these boys and girls aren't trying to take your mind away. To the contrary, they're reminding use of the power we'll be needing in our age of chaos. Thank your lucky stars that someone in Pop music cares about something beyond themselves.


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on 11/19/2016 at 09:25PM
Yesterday, I published the final version of a short documentary about the mural at Portland Mercado. In every way, this was a community engaged project. We went through great lengths to tell all sides of the story. I got my start producing radio documentaries at KBOO. It seems fitting that I found a place to feature KBOO in this film. The official soundtrack was almost entirely selected from FMA. Those tracks are now up as a mix. Have a listen.
on 04/21/2013 at 11:41PM
After three years of non-use, I am here to upload the full archive of my Un|Herd radio program from KBOO. The show is no longer on the air. Perhaps after archiving here, I will start a new season. Nevertheless, I fully intend to continue to produce original works by new artists.