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rosso on 06/22/2016 at 04:03PM

The Echo Nest and the future of FMA Search and Discovery

As of May 31st, Spotify chose to shut down the Echo Nest Rosetta Stone, which was a product FMA used for years to power our search engine and similar artist recommendations.  Rosetta Stone allowed FMA to psychoacoustically analyze our own tracks for abstract properties like mood and separate our library from the rest of the Echo Nest universe.

As of right now, the FMA search engine can no longer search by mood or tempo, and artist pages will no longer include a list of similar artists.  However, we are currently working on major upgrades to the search engine, including an expanded set of filters, more sorting options, and a more complete keyword search.  We are also looking into alternative third-party music metadata and acoustic fingerprinting services.

If you have any suggestions for features you'd like to see in the FMA's search engine, please comment below.

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gentil on 06/23/16 at 05:08AM
Hi friends! Have you contacted MetaBrainz? Not-for-profit, open data, years of experience with music data... Most importantly, they host MusicBrainz for data around music, and AcousticBrainz for audio analysis, which seems to be what you are looking for.

To me, that would be a match made in heaven... FMA+Metabrainz, yes please!
katya-oddio on 06/24/16 at 01:52PM
Ditto on MetaBrainz. Off topic, but seems a good time to thank you for all the work you have done. Have seen lots of fixes and really appreciate them! Thank you!
dns53 on 06/27/16 at 12:23PM
I am just a member of the musicbrainz community and not a developer of the software.

What you probably want is the essentia music extractor found at
This is the software used to submit data to

Running this tool against a recording will output a list of properties and you could feed this in to your search engine.
mayhemchaos on 06/27/16 at 01:37PM

This is Rob from MetaBrainz.

We've been working to create open versions of the tools the Echo Nest has made available.

In particular you'd be interested in MusicBrainz which can also do rosetta stone like things by linking to other places.

And as mentioned AcousticBrainz, which is growing up rapidly may soon be of use to you.

If you're interested, you some come and chat with us. We tend to hang out in IRC: #metabrainz channel on IRC network
cheyenne_h on 06/29/16 at 02:48PM
Thanks for all the comments! We are definitely going to explore this.
Septentrion56 on 10/23/17 at 09:54AM
Hello guys !

Are you still active on Free Music Archive ?

I know it's a lot of work, but do you plan to implement a solution to allow a keyword search ?

For example, ask the artists to put some tags that would define their work when they upload it ? Or do you need a Rosetta Stone like algorithm to be able to do that (IDK I'm a complete noob with code ^^) ?

Keep it up guys ! Thanks for the good work !
cheekypaul on 03/02/18 at 06:24PM
Hello FMA,
Being able to skip forward through tracks would be a useful feature when browsing (in a hurry).
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