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rosso on 01/26/2018 at 06:11AM

New Player in the Works

We have received many bug reports and feature requests concerning the audio players on the FMA site.  This includes the in-page player (play buttons on the webpages) and our outdated flash-based pop-out playlist player.  I am currently developing a brand new html5 pop-out playlist player for the site and am working to remove the last traces of flash from FMA, which includes portions of the image and audio uploaders.  I hope to have all of this completed by Jan. 31 so keep watching here for updates!



Jacob Pertou on 01/13/18 at 08:09PM
Nice work, but hopefully the download option remains!
nctrnm404 on 01/14/18 at 12:04AM
yay! I'm especially excited about the flash part since it may allow for browser uploads on iOS Devices.
Natebw on 01/15/18 at 01:48PM
ShmooZee on 01/15/18 at 11:10PM
Awesome! Thanks for your hard work. I've refrained from reporting the bugs, because I love your site so much!
MichalGrajewski on 01/18/18 at 11:50PM
FMA you doing good job, love this place no for music only but for independency. Thank you so much. All the best.
alfabetadigital on 01/27/18 at 08:15PM
Thanks only, this 6 comments (so far) do not reflect accurately what a great service FMA -and you behind it- serves.
I've recently used a song by Burning Van, por Big Mean Sound Machine in this video (where a doctor from argentina explains when medical marijuana can be useful)
Where did I get it? Of course, here, the best way around musical collective consciousness in the entire world ;).
dhilowitz on 01/29/18 at 03:04PM
That's awesome. If you want any dev help (I have 15+ experience as a webdev), just message me!
craeon on 04/05/18 at 03:26PM
Pop out player still not working? Just wondering. Not working on my Chrome
s-light on 04/24/18 at 06:22PM
@craeon i think so too...
for me in firefox it is also not working.
i think it is not updated / ready yet.

if i look in the developer console i can see that it tries to use the old swf (flash) player..
'TypeError: this.swf.addToPlaylist is not a function'

hopefully rosso can give us a update - i also can help if needed :-)
ShmooZee on 09/10/18 at 03:01PM
Any updates?! For years, you're site has been a cornerstone of the audio community. I hope that you are receiving enough support to get your player back up and running.
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