robotklauw (Member)


Robotklaw was a member of the INCUBUS SUCCUBUS collective ($) in the 1980's, the ultimate Noizemakers with primitive computers, synthdrum, steelplates, surpassing everything noise before and after. He also worked with FLIPPING ZOO, a voice-art group and TechnoSELF, exploring what technology does to humanity.

Lately of MICROTONAL & MiCROKiLL he has worked with MOORDE IN SUID #AFRIKA, a South African group working out of Finland. Their first song is Kill Baby, Kill Kill

The Robotklauw has brought out an album on the Splitting Sounds Records label. Strange Hybrid is weird music, sometimes poppy, sometimes hard to follow. There is also a lot of ambient on the album.

The latest manifestation of the Klaw is as i am a freak, producing music by the millions. With collaborator Mejer he has formed the follow-up to Incubus Succubus, named Scythe InQuart ($). This means that the dawn of a new musick is upon us. The group's phrase is: SEISS! and the members are Lord Black and Lord Grey, Masters of Musick and Mystic.

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