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resipiscent on 04/21/2010 at 01:44PM

The Sound Projector on Resipiscent

Swell reviews of our three latest releases

On Ava Mendoza
"A crackling disc of superlative instrumental guitar work [...] played with such conviction, fire and infectious passion that you’ll be shivering with pleasure for its duration."

"Back in the day, I think she would have been showcased on a rootsy label like Rounder Records or Arhoolie, but here she be on this outre experimental label cooking up a storm."

on Liz Allbee
"undefinable studio antics, [...] a sort of demented minimal pop music rendered with highly unusual sounds and diversions, and achiev
ing effects on a par with The Residents. [...] I hereby dub her the Circe of the avant-garde music world, and I have now been turned into a pig."

on Masaoka, Chen, Grusel, Nagai
"A record so steeped in its own exoticness that you can taste it at the back of your throat! [...] All the danger and strangeness that you could expect from modern improvised music, reviving for me some of the sense of shock and vitality I used to feel at Derek Bailey’s Company Week.

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on 04/19/2010 at 03:17PM
A V A M E N D O Z A "Shadow Stories"Solo debut from the astonishing Ava Mendoza. Hear samples online and order it like... right now!