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pushbinlou on 05/02/2010 at 12:00PM

Ears Wide Open: moolen

Leave it to the awesome LCL netlabel to turn me on to some more great new music.  LCL recently started a series of releases entitled Carte Blanche that are releases that are not the fare that the label normally puts out.  Moolen (Moritz Beller) is a young artist from Hamburg, Germany who started composing some pretty great post-rock/electronica after the breakup of his ska band.

Moolen cites The Notwist and other post-rock bands as a big influence.  I tend to see a bit of early Caribou and Ulrich Schnauss as well.  Art of Heartwork is moolen's first release and is a document on what has been going on in his life over the past few years.  Very personal and interesting this release is worth a careful listen.  Brokentopflow is my favorite track of the moment.  Give it a listen and enjoy!



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