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pushbinlou on 11/30/2009 at 07:39PM

Ears Wide Open: Dub Terminator

Image by Frau Elbe

Well it has not taken long for dubstep to spread from the U.K. to just about every area around the world.  A good example would be this great E.P. from New Zealand DJ Dub Terminator.  In my quest to find more dubstep for the almighty FMA I happily stumbled upon some very cool tracks from what appears to be a very busy musician.

Dub Terminator (Christian McLay) also produces hip-hop under the pseudonym Madsickill and has a funk/dub/roots band called the Retainers.  He has a number of releases as Dub Terminator with this E.P. being his first.  There are also two full length releases as well (all of these releases are digital).  "Dub Steps" is a very good example of what this artist has to offer.  Take a listen.

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