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pushbinlou on 11/16/2009 at 08:42PM

Dubbed to Death

Photo by Marceau_R

Let's give some big props to LibreCommeLair a very cool net label out of Montpellier who were nice enough to upload some very tasty electonic/dubstep tracks from Volatil.  Volatil is an Argentina/UK project that started out as a solo project for Nicholas Hardmeier.  Nicholas soon added vocalist Frederico De Gennero and then made things really interesting by adding dubstep DJ Satta B.

LCL have provided tracks from two Volatil releases (Litalov and Refixed). Although the vocals can be light and airy at times there is always that dark bass sound underpinning everything.  El Muerto (Epic rework) is the perfect example of what these guys are out to acheive.  All of the tracks thrown up here by Volatil on FMA are total keepers but if you want to cut to the chase you should also check out "No bans" and "Flesh & Bones".  Here is hoping that LCL have more goodies in store for us.



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