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pushbinlou on 10/06/2009 at 07:15AM

Chip Tune Tuesdays Continued: Receptors

Receptors - Picture by beigeinside

Just when I think that I have run out of stuff to blog about for "Chip Tune Tuesdays" another good quality artist throws his hat in the ring with FMA.  Receptors (Jeremy Kolosine) is an incredibly busy 8-bit artist who is a founding member of both Futurisk and 8-Bit Operators (who put out a really great Kraftwerk tribute record).  Jeremy also performs live all over the world including pulling off the first ever circuit-bent performance with a full symphony orchestra.

I tend to gravitate to 8-bit artists who try to move the genre in different directions yet are still able to maintain that classis 8-bit sound. Jeremy's 2007 release groKwork has a very old school electro feel to it which really works for me and hopefully for you as well.  Check out the track PalinDrone and enjoy!




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