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procedura on 12/26/2011 at 12:53AM

Home with the Device (Best of 2011)

Well, it's been an eventful year: Tsunami in Nippon, (the) killing of an Arab (loudly celebrated in the US), fires, floods, earthquakes, snowpocalypses and endless wars, poverty & hunger...

Also, in some of the major cities in the US we have revolution of consumers called Occupy on our hands. Pepper sprays vs. tents. Kettling vs. revolution rock. Comic artist vs. some other comic artist. Confused leftist politicians vs. drunk millionaires, memes vs. more memes... and so on 'till death do us part.

Here in Europe, we have gigantic economic crisis coming. Everybody's scared. Nobody knows what tomorrow brings. Evil count Sarcozy & technocrat Angie Merkel override democratic procedures in order to save EURO & eurozone... Expect more looting than occupying, more city & highway crime than traffic jams on the roads to Azzure Coast & more canned food than master chef recipes.

So, my advice is to stay home with the device. Browse & explore vast ocean of FMA free music & listen to the radio 'till they disconnect electricity & interweb.

After that, only campfire, stories from the good old (neon) times and loaded shotgun somewhere in the mountains will keep us strong.

All the best in 2012!


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katya-oddio on 12/20/11 at 05:14PM
From the device at home in the Oddio Headquarters, sending you best wishes and hopes for strength in 2012, Procedura!
procedura on 12/20/11 at 06:12PM
Thank you!

Be good! Coz'

"Life is just a ride." (Bill Hicks)
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