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Philosopher and Catholic priest, vlogger. I was just looking for some free music for my webpage and presentations, and found plenty of interesting artists from around the world. God bless FMA!

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pmontiko on 07/29/2015 at 06:01PM

Searching Background Music for Good News

Hello! I'm a Catholic Priest, philosopher and teacher; also, a podcaster and video blogger.

You can watch/listen my preaching (in spanish) at:


I'm looking for some great music for my voice over videos and vlog, 

As many of FMA Artist's, I'm involved in a non-commercial job,

looking forward to share positive thinking, hope and life-changing messages. 


I fully respect every other beliefs, opinions, and freedom of expression. 

Recently I've discovered the great job of Chris Zabriskie, Satellite Ensemble, Podington Bear, Igor Khabarov, Alialujah Choir and others.

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