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pluspunkt on 08/10/2009 at 04:21PM

Nice Cover - NetBlog

Have a look at the good looking cover-artwork of the netBloc Vol. 19 »Doctorin’ Ur Tastz« and keep an ear to this great release (by blocsonic). a very colorfull sampler with a nice cover.

you can find a highres version of this cover here (printable pdf - 5mb) and while you download the pdf have a look at and listen to the vol. 13 (pdf), vol. 20 (pdf) and vol. 23 (pdf).

In conclusion a shout out to blocsonic for their marvelous work.



headphonica on 08/12/09 at 09:33AM
this one is a beauty, indeed!
funny, but at first i misread the title as the crazy KLF-record "Doctorin' the Tardis"... pah!
pluspunkt on 08/13/09 at 05:03PM
HarHarHar. You're right the cover looks like a visual remix of the KLF song… and i didn't realize.
blocsonic on 01/04/10 at 06:37PM
Ha ha… yup… I totally used KLF as the inspriation for this cover. That car can be found in Jackman, Maine in the US, just before the border to Quebec, Canada.
Thanks for the props pluspunkt and sorry for being so slow on finding this post.
pluspunkt on 01/04/10 at 06:50PM
no problem… it also takes me a while untill i relized that your cover is a quotation on the KLF album and song “Doctorin' The Tardis”…

And i still love it :D
pluspunkt on 01/04/10 at 06:58PM
unfortunatly there is no way to subscribe to a blog or to view all posts of all blogs on FMA… the blogs are a little bit hidden.
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