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planmax on 04/11/2012 at 08:38AM

Used Songs from FMA

I used a lot of songs for videos about Berlin and more. I do a walk through the city and the parks. In this case i was looking for music and often the music fits to the pictures. i will go on and shoot more videos and will use more music. But forgive my english, I am not a mothertongue ;-p

So you can read my german Blog at: Berlin Bei Fuss - Wordpress

Join the pictures and the music:

A. Berlin Bei Fuss

Videos on YouTube               -      Links for FMA-Song

1. Neukölln & Tempelhof       - MGee - Days of the Forgotten Flair

2. Kreuzberg                        - The New Mystikal Troubadours - Art's Holy Shrine

3. Mitte & Tiergarten            - Global Goon - Kefweth

4. Reichstag & Plötzensee     - Johnny Ripper - Journeyman

5. Rehberge & Wedding        - Chris Zabriskie - Prelude No. 20 & Scrabble Daddy - Tune

6. Humboldthain                  - Computer Magic - Electronic Fences

8. Prenzlauer Berg               - My Bubba & Me - I will never love a young boy again

9. Friedrichshain                  - Photophob - The Fragmentary i

11. Görlitzer Park                - Billy Murray - At the mermaids' fancy ball


B. Other Cities

Dresden                - Evgeny Grinko - Winter Sunshine EP

Frankfurt (Oder)    - Manuele Atzeni - Sleepwalkers Walk Alone


C. Other Projects - Website justfolded

Foldcorpus Kerze (Candle)           - My Bubba & Me - Good Night Heart

Foldcorpus Tutorial A Basic Case  - Jovanko

Foldcorpus Klassenkeil                - Aestrid Byrne - The End: I am not here ...


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