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planetterrorrecords on 08/30/2016 at 09:26AM

Planet Terror Records: Looking Back

The ethos behind Planet Terror Records is something that we still hold very close to our hearts: high-quality, cross-genre electronic music released freely into the world for anyone to enjoy.

When we launched the label in 2008, we were wide-eyed youngsters straight out of university, passionate about dance music and scoping out unsigned and unknown artists. Many a night was spent trawling Myspace (RIP) and later Soundcloud for new music, while our increasing involvement in the music scene in our resident Sheffield, through DJing and playing together in a band, yielded some invaluable connections which carried us through to our 50th and final release in May 2016.

While other labels we grew alongside had bigger aspirations, we were happy to keep seeking out new music we loved and releasing it without too much fuss. Our music has never been selected for its marketability, but always for its own sake: snapshots of individual and collective creativity which we have had the pleasure to curate.

Like all parents, we try not to look at our back catalogue in terms of 'best' and 'worst' releases, but over the years it has been a pleasure to put out music by the likes of Titus Twelve, Barbarix, Culprate, Robot Koch, Cellar Dweller, Ascetic, Smurd, Kingstux, Mikuś and so many others. We enjoyed having the opportunity to put on an event with Culprate and Barbarix in Sheffield, our occasional DJ sets around Sheffield and our collaborations with the closest thing we have to a resident artist, Mattias Jones.

As with anything worth doing, running a netlabel takes time. To do justice to the musicians who give us their music to promote, we cannot accept having to take shortcuts. We do not live the same lives as we did. We started as students with endless hours to post music around the web and seek out new sounds. But personal and professional lives have evolved, and we no longer have the time to give the label and its music the effort it deserves.

We are pleased that we leave the netlabel community as healthy as we found it, with new labels starting every day. We are proud of our contribution to the scene and our library will remain online indefinitely. It’s the end of an era for us, but we hope that many more people enjoy the music we have released.

Find out about our mix by clicking the "Read More" link below, or download/stream it here.


Barbarix - Born
The Mystics EP [PLANET006]
Barbarix is probably better known for his dubstep and d'n'b, but this EP is very different. We were really happy with it when it came our way. Such a beautiful, beat-less wonder.

Culprate - Chump Cuts
Avian Life on Mars Will Be... [PLANET022]
Culprate released a few tracks with us in the early days. His heavy dubstep always smashed it on the dance floor. This EP was released in collaboration with another label and is more experimental in nature. Some of the best work that he did with us.

Anchortell - Plague
Snapshots [PLANET041]
We went to university with Nigel, but it wasn't until much later, when he moved out to Australia, that he sent us this record. It was a long time in the making, but well worth the wait.

Darkstorm & Diabolik - Today, I Will...
Today, I Will [PLANET030]
These two are legendary in Sheffield. Darkstorm (now known as Lean Low) has since moved down south and continues to make incredible hip hop beats, as well as running Bad Taste Records (look them up), while Diabolik (aka Kid Lib) has been going from strength to strength with his classic jungle, now also running his own label. A great collaborative record from two solid producers.

Robot Koch - Day Like This
101 [PLANET010]
Perhaps the best known producer we have had the pleasure of working with, this two-track release shows a solid ear for wonky 'future' hip hop with his own unique twist. Having made his name as a member of Jahcoozi in Germany, Robert is now based in Los Angeles.

Nangdo - Rattan Joint
Chrome [PLANET021]
Dutch producer Nangdo came to us with this mixtape through a friend of the label and we're really pleased he did. There are obvious nods to J Dilla and Madlib here, but his sample-based tomfoolery is entirely his own.

Luca La Morgia - Money Talks
The Garden of My Limits / Money Talks [PLANET044]
One of two single releases we did with this Italian musician. A lovely combination of beats and melodies that sticks in the mind.

Homme Studio - Imprenie
Various Artists - Planetarium [PLANET011]
This track is a bit of an anomaly and the only thing we ever released by Homme Studio. Just an interesting and unique tune with a classy mix of samples and self-penned elements.

Mikuś - Temple Ball
Dub Mirror [PLANET008]
What to say about this producer? We both remember hearing 'Brockley Skank' for the first time sitting in our living room. Within 30 seconds it was obvious we were going to do something with Mikuś. Phenomenal dub producer with an instantly recognisable sound and a good demonstration of why label heads should keep an eye on their inboxes for random submissions.

Titus Twelve - FanfarI (Culprate Remix)
Various Artists - Terra Firma [PLANET024]
Titus Twelve was 'on our books' for a good while, and his early Planet Terror releases still feel original to us, but this one is a mad little take on his track 'FanfarI' by Culprate, in the vein of his experimental Avian Life... EP.

Titus Twelve - Crisis Drone
Bardman Business [PLANET035]
As good an introduction as any to Titus's sound, pushing deep dub, dubstep and hip hop into the blender and reshaping the remains into something altogether his own.

htrspltn - My Mastermind is Young
Intracranial Tales [PLANET036]
Another random demo submission that we pounced on, Siberia's htrspltn breaks out of the grid-like production techniques of many contemporary producers to make these strange, dream-like ambient IDM vignettes reminiscent of GAS. Check out his new work.

Kid Lib - Wolf Pack
Various Artists - Not What You Know Vol. 1 & 2 [PLANET038]
The main moniker of Diabolik, Kid Lib is an incredibly accomplished jungle producer. 'Wolf Pack' was released as part of a two-volume, 24-track compilation of music from the best Sheffield-based artists.

Kingstux - Fast Electric
Geeks and Parasites [PLANET033]
Belgium's Kingstux has been refining what he does for a number of years now, not following any fads or trends. As the name suggests, this is a fast-paced, mad cap tune.

Like Black Horses - Soundtrack
Various Artists - Planetarium [PLANET011]
Based in Scotland, Like Black Horses made a nice EP for us in our early days. Electronica made with a post-rock sensibility. This one is taken from our first compilation release.

Sephirot - Kleinzeit
Synthaesthesia EP [PLANET017]
Sephirot is a really accomplished musician and it shows in his compositions. We could listen to that vocal sample all night...

Sk'p - Soivelslevios
Unmute Your Journey [PLANET026]
Ripping, collapsing beats and gorgeous atmospheres. Sk'p is never short of ideas. This album is a thing of uncompromising beauty.

Smurd - Saloon
One of Smurd's funkier outings, but just as melodic as a lot of his tracks. A great hardware manipulator and skilful producer with a lot of character.

Christopher Rave - On Balance
Peak [PLANET047]
A good friend of the label, it's been a great pleasure to see Christopher Rave digging through his vast collection of homemade acid to play live, semi-improvised hardware sets around Sheffield.

Rogue State - Fireworkz
Various Artists - Terra Firma [PLANET024]
When we started the label, we listened to Rogue Sate a lot, both in clubs and on record. This track had always been a favourite and we remember telling him as much. It felt surreal to be able to release it on our compilation. We are very glad to hear that Rogue State and Alex Deadman have recently reopened business at legendary local label R8 Records. Check them out.

Anagramm - Hermosa
Cellar Dweller & Anagramm - Mood Swing / Amelodic Knuckle [PLANET050]
In terms of our own personal productions, we have gravitated more and more towards techno in recent times, so this final release was a fitting swansong for the label.

Cellar Dweller - Border Master
Monochrome Rainbow [PLANET045]
Cellar Dweller has been a close friend for a long time. We have both played in bands with him and started a techno night together in Sheffield. His first release was a deeply personal testimony of a hard time in his life. Since that, his music had blossomed into a unique take on techno. A long time collaborator and someone who has been on the label from start to finish, and a really intuitive, playful, creative musician.

Cellar Dweller - For Joy
Cellar Dweller & Anagramm - Mood Swing / Amelodic Knuckle [PLANET050]
A fitting tribute to joy in all its forms, with an absolutely ecstatic peak. Never gets boring.

Ascetic - Constructed Reality Inside What Is Possible
A Network of Lines That Intersect [PLANET034]
Ascetic (formerly producing breakcore as Machinochrist) is an exceptional producer of hard techno and industrial ambient. A real professional, a creative worker and a gentleman. One of the hardest releases we have put out as a label.

Squire of Gothos - Gimme Dat!
Various Artists - Not What You Know Vol. 1 & 2 [PLANET038]
No words. Just hit play and listen to the sound of Sheffield's dancefloors invading your personal space.



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