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nytuan on 04/12/2011 at 08:47AM

Enjoy Trees!

This is the title of Projekt Karpaty Magiczne / Magic Carpathians Project's newest album. In November 2010 we've got a phone call from Polish Greenpeace headquarters - they were asking whether we'd be interested in cooperation. The idea was simple yet captivating - to record a special album that would be a gift to many wonderful people who engaged in the campaign to protect one of the oldest European forests, Białowieża Forest (Puszcza Białowieska). Hence "the gift" got two meanings: literal (the album has never been available in commercial circuit) and metaphorical (while recording we were thinking with sincere gratefulness of people who got involved in campaigning and also how much inspiration we've been gaining from Nature through entire lifespan). This is why we mobilized the whole potential of our pop sensibilities, in the best meaning of the word - when I'm saying "pop" I mean all the tunes and melodies that made me cry or caused goosebumps on my skin. In other words, it might be the most easy listening Magic Carpathians Project's album to date and purposedly. We just wanted to offer the most pleasurable, enjoyable and heart-warming experience we could afford.

More on the campaign to save the primal forest in the article from British The Guardian.



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