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Hello. My name is Nick and i am the beatmaker of online beat store. I am producing hip-hop beats more than 14 years and i have some skills in beatmaking. My main genre of producing is hip-hop beats and instrumentals. Also i like making trap beats, rnb beats, club bangers and sometimes pop instrumentals. I have some studio equipment so i can make clean and hot mixes ready for radio, club or any acoustic system.

If you need dope instrumentals for you project(mixtape, video, album etc) and want to buy hip hop beats that i made just go to and choose any beats you like. I have instant delivery beatstore so you can buy beats online at my site using your credit card or PayPal account and you will recieve you beats just after payment is done. Feel free to contact me at for any questions. Thank you. Follow us on Reverbration and Datpiff.

I am going to add some new dope hip hop and trap instrumentals very soon. I need to finish some new stuff and hottest hip hop beats for sale will be available at my site. Don't miss these exclusive rap instrumentals for your next hit or music video.

My setup:

DAW: Fl Studio 12

Favourite plugins: Nexus, Kontakt 5, Sylenth 1, Gladiator

Monitors: KRK V8 Studio monitors

Focusrite audio interface

Beatmaking steps for beginners:

1. It doesn't matter how to start your new beat. You can start your new beat with drum loop or your favorite synth preset or bassline. If you are going to use samples then you neet to chop a sample from your favourite record.

2. Before you start your new track you need to know style or type of beat you creating. So for example trap beats has BPM(beat per minute) from 110 to 140. 140 is old-type trap beat, modern trap beats have BPM around 100-130. Classic boom-bap type beats is around 90 BPM.

3. Turn on metronome sound in your DAW(Digital Audio Software) and start record your first MIDI track with your sound, it can be kick or snare drum, hat loop or any synth or samples library sound.

4. All you need to do is to create 4 or 8 bar loop with all your sounds, samples and synths that sounds good together. Don't use any EQs or any other effects when you create your loop, you will add some effects (EQ, compression, reverb and delay) later after your arrangement is done.

5. When your 4-8 bar loop is done then you need to duplicate this loop to your entire beat (3-4 minutes long). Usually every hip-hop song has several parts: intro, verse1, chorus, verse2, bridge, chorus, outro). Just start your song with one or two patterns then add some new sounds in verse1. Chorus has all patterns playing at the same time.

6. When your song structure is finished then you need to add some effects plugins to clean your sound. Use high-pass filter for your hats and upper sounds to clean these hats from low-freq noise. Add reverb and delay to some synth (but not for bassline and kick). Use your pan knob for stereo mixing.

7. When your mix is done then you need to premaster your entire mix. Use loudness maximizer on your mix buss to volume up your entire beat.

8. Your beat is done. You can mixdown your beat to 24bit wave file. Or use compression mp3 format to upload your beat to the internet.