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Artists: Brutal Hate Mosh, New Weird Australia, Anonymeye, Telafonica, Raven, Inquiet, Predrag Delibasich, William Gardiner, Sam Price, Mieli, Karoshi, Transmissions, Panoptique Electrical, Adam Trainer, Zeal, Alps, Comatone, 48/4, Drive West Today, K Mason, Namatoke, Bum Creek, Textile Audio, Paint Your Golden Face, Reunion Sacred Ibis, Scattered Order, Gutter Parties, No Zu, Gentleforce, Alpen, red_robin, Automating, Silver Bulletin, Spartak, Pollen Trio, Teddy Trouble, Jonny Telafone, From The South, Readymen, Reuben Ingall, Danger Beach, Shoeb Ahmad, Kasha, Assassins 88, Camryn Rothenbury, The Carnage Visors, Rites Wild, Stitched Vision, Guerre, Strange Forces, Colours, Javier Frisco, Yolke, Mark Barrage, Andrew Sinclair, Desfontane, Mundaring Weird, Orbits, Edwin Montgomery, Paneye, Axxonn, Abtreibung feat. Grief No Absolution, Ambrose Chapel, Machine Death, No Anchor, Spheres, Anon, Machines Of Indeterminate Origin, Die On Planes, Dead Boomers, Heil Spirits, Blake Freele, Burning Palms, The Atlas Room, Red Plum & Snow, Duns, Vorad Fils, Gail Priest, Ripples, Wigwam, J. Newman & R. Squires, Kynan Tan, Trjaeu, Eastern Grey, Isle Adore, Underlapper, Dream Damage, Philip Sulidae, Anna Chase, Kusum Normoyle, Paul Heslin, Amanda Stewart, The Deadly Nightshades, Kučka, Mimic Mass, Major Napier, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Donna Hewitt, Sky Needle, Scissor Lock, Mosaic Mosaic, ronnu panda, Rabbit Island, Juarez, Forenzics, Forenzocs, Tom Hall, Tantrums, Kris Keogh, Morning Stalker, Cleptoclectics, Go Genre Everything, Random Acts Of Elevator Music, Afxjim, The Ghost Of 29 Megacycles, Collarbones, Ghost_, Dual Uzis, Nhomea, Actual Russian Brides, Hacks, Simo Soo, Little A, Mental Powers, Peon, Thomas William vs Scissor Lock, Kristian M Roberts, Bad Bones, Simon Gardam, Jacob Silver, WORNG, Matthew Brown, Document Swell, Exotic Snake, Jonathon Nokes, Infinite Decimals, Secret Birds, Wild Dog Creek, Penguins, David Evans, Jusgo Mosh, Admn Bldg, The Roost of Auteurs Soon Eligible For Parody, Barnaby Oliver, Emily Grantham, BOK Darklord, Shisd, Regional Curse, Setec, Leaving, Salamander, FM Raster, Jane Harris, James Ireland & Andrew Sinclair, Sam Gilles, Chris Cobilis, Craig McElhinney, Solar Barge, Brown, The Gulls, Eleventeen Eston, Ourobonic Plague, Sam Gillies, fm, h+, K Wilson, Seaworthy, Haunts, Whale + Cheng, Abortifacient, Gold Model, Cycle~ 400, Kevin Purdy, Nadir, The Sydney Radio Orchestra, Oscar Key Sung, The Vainglories, Drill Folly, Hollow Press, Wood And Wire, Stress Waves, Fatti Frances, Cycle 440, Heartswin, New Weird Australia, Adam Cadell, Pale Earth, Clinton Green, Golden Bats, A Demon Sheen, Seth Rees, Paperclip Galaxy, Hinterlandt, The Children's Encyclopædia, St. Jambience, mumble(speak), stephenfox, Brain Drain, Kristian Roberts, Marisa Allen, Sadglint, Cuckoos, Julian Day, Christian Moraga, Software Of Seagulls, Hans Christian Bischof, The Mystic Shithead, Arundel, Cycle~ 440, piotr-heslin, Basil's Kite, Bassling, Brad Harkin, Embers Lucent, Generations, Host, Howling Cloud, Paul Fletcher, Skipism, Tralala Blip, Mudlark, Filthy Children, Canecutter, Defocus, Baerfrens, Mystery Wagon, L-X-EN, Moufteef, cyber.akb, Kaukana, Kwze, Carpet Brick, Defocus X Moufteef, Kuwait Paragraphic, Ilki, Black Pines, Motion, Gatherer, Invisible Prism, Elbee, Jeff Burch, New Weird Australia - Andrew Tuttle, Hinterlandt & Andy Rantzen, These Guy

New Weird Australia is a not-for-profit initiative designed to promote and support new eclectic and experimental Australian music.  Our current projects include a label (titled ‘New Editions’), a free compilation series (available to download on a bimonthly basis), a weekly radio show on Sydney’s FBi 94.5FM (stream online at and an irregular program of live events.

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newweirdaustralia on 06/15/2014 at 03:21AM

Innerspace Is Outerspace - New Music from Elbee & Invisible Prism

Wood And Wire invites you to a take journey to the inner reaches of the mind; follow the sines to the symbols, to a place where time has no meaning, courtesy of our cosmonauts of inner space Elbee & Invisible Prism.

Psychic map-maker Invisible Prism drops his debut on Wood And Wire, titled Innermost Outerspace.  The EP is a analogue travelogue of subtle body music, timelessspace anthems and psychosomatic experiments - an instructional manual for a fantastic voyage.

Sydney producer Elbee recently found his way onto FBi Radio's Open Day Podcast, and his track Boxing was added to rotation on the station shortly thereafter.  Visions Of Vactrols is the follow-up to his debut self-titled EP, and finds Elbee navigating between crisp, angular electronics and plateaus of hushed calm.

Both releases are now available for free download from the FMA.


DOWNLOAD - ELBEE Visions Of Vactrols


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newweirdaustralia on 05/23/2014 at 10:18PM

Further tales from the Australian Underground: Black Pines, Mudlark, Motion & Gatherer

Dig deeper into the Australian underground with four new releases from the Wood and Wire label - Black Pines offer a ragged, psych-damaged lava-wall of ash and guts and glory; Motion erase improvised boundaries, merging avant-garde jazz and left-field electronics; there's an audacious leftfield avant-rock debut from Perth's Mudlark; and Gatherer offers ambient/drone pieces intended for the spaces between your headphones. 

WW27: MUDLARK Zimdahl

The debut release from Perth's Mudlark has already been dubbed as "bristling, vibrant instrumentals that prove antsy and unpredictable" by Mess + Noise, "a hard listening indie-jazz fusion cacophony that destroys your ability to think or reason" by The Music, and Cool Perth Nights concluded that it was "a weird riddle, a fascinating and deeply enjoyable mystery".  Pivoting between only two instruments, with no re-amping or overdubbing, Zimdahl aims for a truly accurate rendition of Mudlark’s unique sound in a live environment.


WW29: GATHERER Amoeba Miasma Void

Amoeba Miasma Void is the new EP from Gatherer - the solo project of Morgan McKellar, one-half of Canberra improv-noise duo, Cold House, formerly of Sydney band Underlapper and his now defunct solo project Morning Stalker. Manipulating (mostly) found-sounds from audio libraries, online video, and field recordings to create improvised sample-driven, Amoeba Miasma Void is a collection of four ambient/drone pieces intended for headphone use.



Black Pines is about dislocation. Two friends separated by real life, wondering out loud about how and why one whole side of rock history has evaporated. That missing side – the abject horror of psychedelic rock – is where this project lives. This isn’t a revival or pastiche. No jams. No art. This is criticism. // Ian Rogers (No Anchor) plays guitar and sings. Benjamin Thompson (The Rational Academy) plays guitar.


WW31: MOTION Syllepsis

Motion draws on experimentalism, avant-garde jazz, left-field electronic music and more. The result is music that deconstructs song forms, explores textural possibilities and is both hypnotic and immersive.  Syllepsis sees Perth-based multi-media artist, Kynan Tan join the band to aid in the creation of a collection of music where electronics and instruments meet in a constant state of tension and release.


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