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natalieee on 04/17/2013 at 06:13PM

Joe Marson: Someday Soon

It’s rare to meet an authentic and soulful alternative rock singer these days. However, if there ever was one that came closest to belonging in this little niche; you can bet Joe Marson is one of them.

Already with over 32,000 downloads on FrostClick/FrostWire and a voice that’s heartfelt and mesmerizing, Joe Marson and the Satisfied Mind has definitely created a gem of a record.

Currently based in Brooklyn, this is Joe’s latest release. Consisting of previous recordings as well as originals, it comes in the heels of the 2011 record, Post Cards From Siren City. The album enchants and provides a fresh take of the alternative scene. Perfect for lovers of musicians like Ben Harper and Jeff Buckley.

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natalieee on 01/03/2013 at 02:26PM

FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Volume 3

That's right! 2012 is over! We've had another amazing ride this year: we've reviewed a new free & legal album download for you every day [yes, weekends too!] and promoted 23 hand picked artists with our sister software FrostWire. With thisFrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Volume 3 we would like to celebrate over 2,1 million free and legal downloads [and still counting!] generated only in 2012 by our promotions and the many additional ones that came from all FrostClick readers who fell in love with new artists found though our site.

If we would have been distributing our promotions still on CDs and lined them up by the shorter end side by side, we would need 162 miles [or 260 kilometers] of road to do so!!!
If we would have been distributing our promotions still on CDs and had to manufacture them all, we would have ended up with over 290 thousand pounds [or 131 thousand kilograms] of plastic!
If one download would equal one fan and all our artists would do a concert together, they would fill more than 118 Madison Square Gardens to accomodate them all!!!


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on 01/03/2013 at 02:32AM
A while back someone from Frostclick (or maybe it was Frostwire) was planning on coming on the Music Manumit Podcast, but then that individual stopped responding via twitter. We'd still like to get someone from the team on the show at some point. You can email me at if you'd like to be that person. Thanks!