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mwalker on 09/07/2011 at 12:20AM


Prince Rama returns with their cult of The Now Age.

Back in February, Prince Rama emerged from a haze of smoke and mylar mirrors to assume the guise of The Now Age, a pseudo-utopian cult eager to lead their followers through a transformative series of rituals and initiations. Having reincarnated ISSUE's loft space as a cosmic aerobic center, glittering and psychedelic, the Larson sisters woke the sleeping audience with generous sprinkles of perfume and chakra water to lead them through an 8-hour marathon of body- and mind-altering exorcise/exercise routines -- part Jane Fonda, part Jodorowsky. Below, view some highlights from the exhausting rituals that left me cleansed of demons and self-identity (and unable to walk the next day).

This Thursday (September 8), Prince Rama will return as The Now Age to guide us through the next cycle of transformation, taking the form of a free-for-all, 4-hour jam session. With the aid of roughly 400 pounds of soil, ISSUE will again metamorphose into a sacred space -- removed from time and space and yet inextricably connected to the present moment -- for housing advanced rituals in which the audience and their shamanic leaders engage in utopian musical creation as "a poetic reenactment and microcosmic creation of an ideal democratic society." All participants are encouraged to please bring along their instrument of choice. Read more about the free event and RSVP here.

To ready your mind and body for the next stage of the journey, Prince Rama have shared their new single "Rest In Peace," off their forthcoming LP Trust Now (dropping on Paw Tracks on October 4). If you find yourself in need of more preparation, you can revisit their fantastic in-studio from Brian Turner's show here.

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mwalker on 11/05/2010 at 10:30AM

the finnish connection

Tomorrow evening (11.6.10) ISSUE Project Room will host the third and final evening of our Minor Musics: Finland series - which has thus far presented Lau Nau, Kuupuu, Kiila and Tomutonttu -- with a special performance from Kemialliset Ystävät in collaboration with a staggeringly-long list of some of NYC’s most fascinating & stalwart psych/noise improvisers: Marcia Bassett, Michael Bernstein, Taylor Richardson, Tom Carter, Raphael Lyon, Samara Lubelski, Pete Nolan and Dave Nuss.

As a central aim, the Minor Musics program seeks to present to NY audiences a multi-faceted glimpse into a localized international community borne, at least in part, out of a set of geographical, cultural, and aesthetic affinities. As a finale to the series, it seems only logical to deepen this attempt at cultural exchange through a true cross-pollination – fostering a collaborative performance between Jan and one of New York’s own vibrant localized communities, as represented by a pretty hefty cross-section of major players.

As preparation for what will be an undoubtedly rich evening of blissed-out synthesis, I’ve put together a little mix highlighting a number of Mr. Anderzén’s forthcoming conspirators, not a few of whom are amply represented by the vast storehouse of the FMA. As a perfect link between the previous and final concerts of the series, the mix opens with a two-part set from K-Y’s 2008 appearance on Brian Turner’s WFMU show, in which we hear Jan supported by two of the Kiila men (Jaako Tolvi & Niko-Matti Ahti), as well as Dave Nuss, who will reprise his role on Saturday. From there, we move to the New York sect with tracks from Raphael Lyon’s solo project Mudboy, a song from Samara Lubelski’s Spectacular of Passages album, a track from Nuss’ No-Neck Blues Band (live at ISSUE, no less), another ISSUE archival recording in the form of Pete Nolan’s Spectre Folk project, and concluding with a 20-min jam from Marcia Bassett & Tom Carter’s Zaika duo project.

These types of coalescences don’t pop up too often….I would recommend taking advantage.

Minor Musics: Finland is made possible through the generous support of the American-Scandinavian Foundation; the Consulate General of Finland; and ESEK, the Finnish Performing Music Promotion Centre; and Luses, the Popular Music Committee of the Foundation for the Promotion of Finnish Music, and the Arts Council of Finland.

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on 01/25/2010 at 09:22PM
You ISSUE Project Room folks really make me pine for my old NYC home. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing it!