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murmurintemporel on 11/08/2018 at 12:58PM

All Albums are on the Internet Archive

All Albums of the netlabel Murmure Intemporel have been transferred to the Internet Archive.

Archives I

Archives II

Thank you to FMA for their great support !

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murmurintemporel on 05/09/2016 at 01:29PM

Some words about Murmure Intemporel

Hello !

I am Jean-Luc, the curator and owner of the Murmure Intemporel netlabel.

This label was created under the moniker Gronde Murmure by John Cobains (an American living in France) at the end of 2010. In 2011, John creates a new netlabel named Sillage Intemporel, curated by a long time friend Jean Dechartres.

Gronde Murmure was mainly specialised in avant-garde musics (acousmatic, post-concrete, electroacoustic) and Sillage Intemporel was more oriented into electronic musics (ambient, electro, abstract electronic). In 2012, John merges the two netlabels in one entity named Murmure Intemporel (the logo was given by Zreen Toyz, one of the main artists of the netlabel).

Sadly, Jean Dechartres passed away in 2015. John and Jean are my friends for over twenty years, so when John ask me to replace Jean, I say yes immediately. At the end of 2015, John decides to retire in USA for living near his children and grandchildren; so I became the new owner of Murmure Intemporel.

The complete catalogue of the netlabel will be uploaded asap; stay tuned...

Thanks to Cheyenne Hohman who accepted Murmure Intemporel at the Free Music Archive. 

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