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Hi. I engineer and mix live sessions for WFMU, and archive them for the Free Music Archive. I also play music in Finding Fiction and Service.

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modsant on 05/02/2013 at 08:45AM

International Punk Watch at WFMU

Photo: Deed Runlea

It was as great week for international punk with three awesome bands coming through to play WFMU.

France's Youth Avoiders have put out some amazingly catchy Scandinavian-influenced punk anthems. Their fast-paced, frenetic and honest music leans towards a more thrashy and visceral punk sound than a melodic one.

Puerto Rico's Los Vigilantes bring a juvenile delinquent garage-punk that'll make you headbob. Their sound is heavy on the '60s side, with a healthy dose of droopy '50s doo-wop back-up vocals, rocked with additional organs, tape loops and swagger. (Slovenly Recordings)  You also may wanna check out the playlist from their 2012 visit.

San Juan's Las Ardillas are a garage punk band sharing members with Davila 666. Their in-your-face style has been compared to late-'70s and early '80s punk. Their latest release also out on Slovenly Recordings.

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modsant on 01/25/2013 at 10:15AM

The Piggies: Live on WFMU

These little piggies skipped the market, and headed straight to WFMU to deliver their own brand of straight-up catchy rock and roll! Punk in spirit, riffing through roots-dirty, Stones-esque style hooks, The Piggies exemplify the good-time, vinyl-hugging rock-n-roll and straight-to-tape aesthetic most bands can only hope for. This could be why their releathus far have been live rehearsal room recordings on a Zoom H2.

To hear the full performance and interview with host Joe Belock, visit the WFMU playlist. The Piggies will also be playing a Hurricane Sandy benefit for Norton Records on March 22nd at the Bell House.

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