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vol. 3.1

a surprise. who would have thought that after four years time this site receives an unexpected update. while i always loved compiling mixtapes and compilations of my latest favourites, i felt for quite some time that this planet is being flooded with as many great music mixes as there are mediocre ones and that lead me to conclude that i'd rather leave this field for others, more enthusiastic actors and focus more on alternative ways of expressing myself. especially, bearing in mind that the amount of feedback to this very effort on these pages seemed to dwindle the more time was passing on. yes, you could possibly also just call it: 'out of steam'.

well, four years fast forward. i have never lost my passion for discovering new and exciting music and since my latest relocation to an unknown part of this world i discovered a wealth of fascinating music of all kinds. vintage recordings, modern approaches and a mash-up of all that and everything in between. and so, this is where we are now: analogue monologues vol. 3.1

this volume features a variety of musical approaches from the asian continent. far from being able to provide a conclusive overview i decided to just pick up this effort exactly from where i left it last time around. and that is to browse the extensive catalogue of what is Free Music Archive for artists known and unbeknown to stitch together a somewhat coherent and pleasant mix featuring musical outlets which are rarely exposed to the northern latitudes of this world. it is time for this to be changing.........

turn the volume up a little and please enjoy.


1. DENGUE FEVER - tokay (US, Live On WFMU) 2. NAMGAR - two yokhors (RUS, Live On WFMU) 3. SEEK SIX SICK - tokyo lzrs (ID, Volume 4) 4. PELIATAN GAMELAN - kapi radja [ape king] (ID, Dancers Of Bali) 5. SENYAWA - tadulako (ID, Acaraki) 6. LO KA PING - teals descending upon the level sand (CH, Lost Sounds Of The Tao) 7. CARL ZEISS JENA - architecture 2033 (ID, V/A #CCIDAP2012) 8. AOIROOOASAMUSI - ajisai (JP, Root Of Sorrow) 9. CHIE MUKAI - improv 1 (JP, Live On WMFU)


if you like any of those bands featured on above mix, please show them a little support! this nine song podcast is put together with the best of intentions and has on no account been uploaded for any sort of profit for my part. all featured songs are licensed via Creative Commons and FMA license: (CC BY-NC-ND) - DENGUE FEVER, CHIE MUKAI | (CC BY-NC-SA) - SEEK SIX SICK, PELIATAN GAMELAN, SENYAWA, LO KA PING, CARL ZEISS JENA, AOIROOOASAMUSI | (FMA - LTD) - NAMGAR. please visit and if in doubt about specific details or click on band name above to be forwarded to any song-specific site for clarification. in case you feel misrepresented here please get in touch and i'll delete you immediately!

cover art illustration by [◐ mode analogue]

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