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vol. 2.2

are there actually people out there who are worried about missing out on fantastic releases and bands, one more obscure than the other? limited edition hardcopy releases of just about a few dozen copies for die-hard collectors accompanied by some sort of digital version for everyone who missed out or couldn't be bothered but would still want to be, at least, able to make up their own mind. the information overload hitting all our spam mailboxes with the latest information about yet another couple of releases we are not able to listen through because there are plenty more things we want to fit into just a single day than solely fishing for the hottest recent release of someone we never even heard of before. although, we do love discovering new music, sound artists or other creators of noise and random sounds it is getting increasingly difficult finding one's ways through ever-growing online music libraries. and that's why the ability to create mixes and share them with friends, mutual music lovers or anyone who wants to become either of those is the vital lifeline through a seemingly overwhelming maze which, in fact, is ram packed with surprises and stunning discoveries. keep on making suggestions, i'd like to hear of things i couldn't even imagine dreaming about. analogue monologues vol. 2.2 tries to feature a variety of seemingly different musical genres into a somewhat coherent mixtape compilation allowing to connect some dots in the listeners minds. after sourcing artists worth knowing about from soundcloud the last volume, this time the amazing Free Music Archive became the focus of an ever ongoing quest for new and exciting music. next volume up will be a selection of songs released by quality netlabels from all around the world. i'd like to think these alternative sources for great music keep being exciting. hope you enjoy and thanks for tuning in...



1. POPULAERE MECHANIK - captain b (GER, V/A Clinical Jazz) ▶ find song on FMA 2. 1/2 BY ZERO & NIK RUBANOV - livestock 09 (RUS) ▶ find song on FMA 3. OAXACAN - tokyo lzrs (US, Stork) ▶ find song on FMA 4. KYOTO - la danza de las convulsiones tonicas (ES, Lo Que Vuelve Para Vengarse) ▶ find song on FMA 5. METAL MOUNTAINS - structures in the sun (US, Golden Trees) ▶ find song on FMA 6. ATMAN & ALMA YORAY - forest vibration, part 1 (PL, Projekt Karpaty Magiczne / Magic Carpathians: The Brown Sessions) ▶ find song on FMA | Alma Yoray 7. LJUDSKE POTREBE - grad (SER, Povratak U Realno) ▶ find song on FMA | Ljudske Potrebe 8. HI-ASOBI - untitled (NZ, WHNZ:34:HSP) ▶ find song on FMA 9. KUUPUU - pöllön pentu (FIN, Lumen Thäden) ▶ find song on FMA | Kuupuu 10. CTEPHIN - acidResurrections - (US, Omicron Epsilon) ▶ find song on FMA 11. LOVE CULT - place to get lost in (RUS) ▶ find song on FMA


if you like any of those bands featured on above mix, please show them a little support! all featured songs are licensed via Creative Commons: (CC BY-NC-ND) - POPULAERE MECHANIK, 1/2 BY ZERO & NIK RUBANOV, KYOTO, METAL MOUNTAINS, ATMAN & ALMA YORAY, KUUPUU, LOVE CULT | (CC BY-NC-SA) - OAXACAN, LJUDSKE POTREBE, HI-ASOBI | (CC BY-NC) - CTEPHIN. please visit if in doubt about specific details or click on band name above to be forwarded to any song-specific site for clarification.

cover art illustration by [◐ mode analogue]

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