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miscellaniac on 10/11/2012 at 11:00AM

Altered States: A Mix For All Seasons


It’s the time of year when pools of inner elbow sweat evaporate and become spontaneous autumn drizzles. Clammy, odiferous subway commuters transform into coughing, sneezing incubators with winter itch. Solids, liquids, and gases play musical chairs. Now they have a soundtrack.

1. Strange Forces “Liquid Sunlight” - Berlin-based Aussies pluck you from the air, where you find yourself falling through the time vortex and landing smack dab in the middle of a bunch of Bushwick druids on a crisp night.

2. ARMS “Heat & Hot Water” - Experimental indie pop that is accessible, yet complex. Also a good remedy for bronchitis!

3. John Vanderslice “Underneath the Leaves” - Perhaps a metaphor for the cycle of loss and renewal that accompanies the seasons. Sounds like Jeff Mangum with a light at the end of the tunnel.

4. Noi “Everything Is Changing” - Could this be the next (Thai) Jandek? Though mysterious, this track is part of the Music for Video portal and has even been used in an FMA member's web series already! 

5. Ghostland Observatory “Freeze” - You will be overpowered by funk to such a degree that you will not only cut a rug, but wrap yourself in it for warmth.



6. Triclops! “Glaciers” - Perhaps this noise rock ballad from the Bay Area is an homage to the extinct triclops of North America who will soon be rediscovered amid the melting ice caps. Or so I wish.

7. Jacuzzi Boys “Cool Vapors” - If The Stooges had been from Miami and born in the ‘90s. Garage rock for having a good time and reminiscing about bbq smells and cold beer.

8. Larkin Grimm “The Road Is Paved With Leaves” - Like slow, acoustic folk surf guitar cranking in Emily Dickinson’s bedroom. Or if Cowboy Junkies were playing at the wedding of some Victorian zombies. A hymn to the fall.

9. Mazing Vids “Liquid over Solid (as seen from above)” - New wave scientists experimenting with instrumental rubber bands and quasi-spastic strumming. Like Brian Eno played through 10 million telescoping megaphones.

10. Martin Lowack “Melting Point feat. Magda” - Recorded on a laptop, featuring vocals from Polish cellist/singer, Magda Glocka, Lowack considers his approach to be the assembly of his “personal orchestra.” (Source:

11. Orangebox “From Minus 19 To Zero In One Night” - Canadian netlabel, Peppermill Records, put out 4 seasonally-themed comps in 2008. 52 artists were given one week each to compose a piece based on a newspaper article heading from that same week. Orangebox is featured on the Fall edition.

12. Frozen Geese “Carefully Selected Chemicals Part One” - These lads from Leeds know how to concoct a proggy, synthy, spacey, sprawling tonic and ship it directly to your brain, no shipping and handling fees. Be careful not to burn a hole in your mom’s couch.

13. Robedoor “Solid State” - WFMU DJ, Nat Roe, whose show this live recording appeared on, says it best: “a blues based psych-doom reduction sauce on a bed of caramelized beets/beats. Their clout will cloud your vision. “ A delicious meal for a cozy fall night in. Who needs take-out?


14. High Places “From Stardust To Sentience” - High Places creates a kinetic, shimmering atmosphere without sacrificing joy. They dance a cosmic tango and conjure new galactic civilizations.



Northern Spy Records on 10/14/12 at 02:58PM
Excellent mix here. Thanks.
daniellemorgan on 02/03/14 at 06:51PM
cool mix
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