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massdist on 10/13/2017 at 06:35AM

Another Batch of Mass Dist Records Up on the FMA!!!


That's 11! 11 bands newly up on the FMA. Stoked. These records run the gamut. Dig in. Get deep. Thanks! MassDist

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mass dist
massdist on 09/18/2017 at 09:51PM

The best way to get into Mass Dist? The Comps!

Around 2000, Mass Dist made 2 comps highlighting and hyping our many releases.

The first - Comphellation 1 - was put together primarily by Jonah. He's so awesome at putting together mixes and this one flows together really well.

The second - Comp 2 - was spearheaded by myself. It is a mess! 67 tunes over 2 cds. Tons of noise, tons of our friends, and tons of weird edits. It made sense to me at the time.

Go in.

Look at this insane list of artists on these comps:

Elf P Godbois Donkey Dissaster Deer Hoof Raw Dog Rex and the Family Devil Music Don Lenon Tunnel of Love 2000 Flushes Craig and Tim Mike D Blind Mitre The Judds The Grand Island DJ Skatological ACLSDC Bull Roarer The Frogs Tuttle Music Jimmy Cousings Tristan Dunster Eloe Omoe J.K. Mellow Man Rick School of Dada No Peddlers Stinky Treats Git then Crusty Nautical Almanac vs. Bull Roarer Love Handlers Kevin Purvis X-Members Dave Moody Raw Dog March 28th 1:41 am 2000 Infinite Blob Jero Harris Devil Music The Druid Fat Day NMSE Dildo Von Dildo Koondaa Holaa and the beetches Neptune vs. Can't The Tickler WACSAC Racket Attack Malabaster Touch a Booty Jesus Chrust  Tanqueray Force Field  Neon Hunk Elvish Presley Maggotzoid Keel Project Yosh the Gift  An Angband band  Meerk Puffy Monkeys ? Band PornBelt PPPPicsces Duct Tape Union Corn Dawg Meets Wesley Willis Leif Richey's boom box meets Filthy LaBottom Hillbilly Werewolf Wolf Eyes Cottin K's Mystery Brinkman NMSB Bullroarer Olneyville Sound System Grand Banks  Lightning Bolt  Stems Miagi Patrick Muecke Automatic Hi I'm on Fire 54 Franklin Street USAISAMONSTER Mix Ape RWL rap allstars M.O.R.B. Julien Boyer Peostenkill Romantic Snowman La Vid Est Immense Harry Fishpye and the Brown Sounds Jeffrey M P&L Railroad

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mass dist

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on 08/11/2017 at 04:51PM
Great song ;-)
on 07/10/2017 at 08:25PM
working up some new stuff 4 u : )