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marcus on 06/11/2009 at 05:56PM

Sic Alps

It's not a real real cool way to lead off a blog post, but I gotta say it: I love Sic Alps, man! Anybody would. Just two dudes and at least their collective weight in vintage reverb plates together making good on and updating the best bits of 60s garage and soul nostalgia. No, not like those other mediocre Nugget-biters. They do without the moony posturing. Just thick, timeless chords, submerged, fucked vocals, and a mess of good sound.

And their live set from Brian Turner's show from '07 is some of their best recorded work. I can't believe how just right it sounds.

Check the whole set HERE on the FMA

Sic Alps - "Mater" (02:21)
Sic Alps - "Mater" (02:21)
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marcus on 05/28/2009 at 03:45PM

Explode Into Colors

This band happened fast. Explode Into Colors is a three-lady band out of Portland, and they've used just a single self-released EP and a strong string of house show performances to wrap Stumptown around their pinky fingers in a matter of months.

Like so many other good bands in this area, they have a background in the Olympia scene, where various members were involved in more strictly pop-oriented dance-rock bands like Kickball. (Know 'em? They're fun.)

But Explode Into Colors opens up a more magical terrain by stripping down those familiar formulas and building a sound up around bare drums, voice, and 'verb.

Everyone says it, for obvious reasons, but it's true. You'll get whiffs of ESG and The Slits, but with an even heavier dub influence. Also there's an added dash of that straight up PacNW witchcraft.

May they keep finer recording facilities at bay for their upcoming full-length.

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