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marc on 01/20/2010 at 07:21PM

KBOO Best of 2009 [mix]

With the launch of the Free Music Archive, we here at KBOO were very excited to see what performances and new albums 2009 would bring to us to sharewith you.  Portland, Oregon - once referred to as "Little Beirut" by a former president - is such a "hot bed" of emerging music that we're forming a new Axis of Music.  We've even got secrect training camps where musicians are weened into artistic brilliance before wreaking havoc on the rest of the world.

Don't tell anyone but one of these camps is right inside our studio, where we've been able to record The Taxpayers, Nick Jaina, The Quadraphonnes, The Mint Chicks, Doug and Judy Smith, and Golden Retriever.

Aside from our rouge station, a popular breeding ground for these extremists has been the PDX Pop Now! music festival.  Entirely volunteer-run, the festival entered its sixth year with performances by Dirty Mittens and Guidance Counselor.   Jared Mees & the Grown Children played a befefit show for the festival and Thavious Beck headlined a Black Electro benefit for KBOO.

New albums from The Underscore Orchestra, MEGACHURCH, Finn Riggins, World's Greatest Ghosts, and Leviethan round out our mix.  There's way too much for us to highlight here, and even more we're still hoping to upload, but it's a good taste of what's brewing...

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marc on 06/04/2009 at 05:53PM

Thavious Beck Live at Holocene

Composer of mercurial soundtracks for uncertain times, Thavius Beck conjoins various strains of electronic music to arrive at a daringly ambitious sound. He recently joined a lineup of local artists to celebrate black electronic music and benefit KBOO at Holocene in Portland, Oregon. 

Joining him were Rasheeda Ameera, Cheetah Finess, and Ayam  in a night curated by KBOO's Deena B of The Soundbox

Listen to the whole set here.

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