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Artists: Marsel Minga

You are free to use my music in whatever way you like, because it is public domain (cc0 licence). So you are free to share, use, edit and even sell it as yours (I don't mind). You don't have to ask me any permission or give me credit (although I don't mind if you do). The best way to thank me is if you do the same with your stuff. Share some of the things you create for free with the world. If we cooperate instead of competing with each-other, the world would be a better place.


Why I do all this? Firstly, because I don't like money. It is a method used to enslave us, so I tend to use it as little as possible; Secondly, I don't like the concept of private property. I think it's one of the reasons we're still fighting with each-other, instead of cooperating. Copyright specifically limits us by preventing the free exchange of informations and ideas.



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