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macedonia on 07/04/2009 at 03:34PM

"What A Fine Day..."

It's the Fourth of July and the FMA's over 9800 tracks deep.  There's been a lot of activity on the beat-driven side of things with plenty of noteworthy hip-hop and electronic music contributions worth talking about.

It was over a month ago that I was virtual needle-dropping through the Archive and stumbled upon the work of Manuele Atzeni,  a hard-techno DJ schooled in the ways of turntablism.  The Miyazaki Tour E.P. represents some of the best 15 minutes available on the FMA to date.  With hip-hop as its backdrop, the production takes on the stutter-step programming of leftfield R&B akin to Timbaland and the Neptunes, which is especially evident on songs like "Crezima" and "NeVe."  "Bonacisi" and "Ouch The Couch" are both packed with a flurry of scratches and cuts over whimsical electronic beats.

However, it was "Little Star" that pulled me into this E.P.'s orbit.  Made out of childhood smiles and curiosity, the combination of shimmering chords, percussive punches, and the voices of kids cut up in the mix is enough to make even the crotchety neighbor on your block wear a Kool-Aid wide smile.  Summertime sweetness awaits you:  just take a listen below...



WM Recordings on 07/07/09 at 05:34PM
Thanks for the positive feedback!
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