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My days consist of being tossed to and fro by the actions of executives in high positions whose necks I can't reach.  My hourly adversary is a constantly ringing phone with a myriad of problems on the other end.  Various factors and foibles cause everything I deal with at the nine-to-five to be a day late and a dollar short due to promises rolled off tongues in attempts to snatch the credit for themselves (even though the card is clearly not in their name).  Common sense would suggest that if you promise someone the moon and the stars while not having one single solitary satellite in your possession that you can point to as evidence that there's more to come, such actions will bite you in the ass down the road.  I'm a 36 year-old bottom feeder and I know this, so what excuse could a Vice President possibly have for not knowing this?

Forgive me for going down this path, but between the perpetual ineptitude at work and BP's colossal f**k-up that's turning our ocean into an "oilcean," I keep asking myself the same question:  "I have to answer to you?  REALLY??"  And it's through these moments that my mind leaves whatever situation I'm dealing with and visits the harmonies, melodies, beats, blips, and loops of the MP3 jukebox in my head.  Believe me when I tell you that the jukebox is fully stacked with tunes that I've found right here at the Free Music Archive.

I have long since given up on any ambitions to become a WFMU DJ.  Time and logic continue to be enemies in that regard.  However, I can console myself through this resource by letting others know about music that excites me with every blog post and mix that I create.  For that, I want to take this moment to thank the people at WFMU who have worked so hard to make this archive a reality and for allowing the rest of us out there a space to talk about and champion the sounds that make life on earth bearable.

This mix is dedicated to all those who have a need to offset their reality.  Thank you for listening.


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