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ltgpanik on 12/16/2014 at 10:09PM

L'étranger Show #325: plays Carrageenan

L'étranger broadcasts live every possible Tuesday 21h00- 22h00 (CET) on Radio Panik 105.4FM, Brussels. A relational outburst scrambling fluxional artcore, weird paper chewing savants, post-economic screams … 

A couple of weeks ago Carrageenan was guest in the studio exploring a bunch of 80's indie pop records found on a Brussels street corner. Afterwards he kindly handed yours truly 6 cassettes of his music, which formed the backbone of tonight's show. 

The shortwave beatbox was also dragged along to give some edgeware fuzz. Tracks from Smersh, This Heat, L.Voag, 012, The Randoms a.o. were insterspersed.

Full tracklist with link to podcast is here:

Three of the cassettes be found lurking on FMA

Bio: "Carrageenan is a Parisian living in Brussels. He sets up a trestle table in the centre of his living room, loads it up with Casios and pedals, drinks (we imagine) a bucketload of pastis and then blasts this stuff out at neighbour-waking levels. Each of the five short tracks here is a splurge of electronic tonal and atonal dribble. It sputters and froths, a Satanic soothing, sitting at the pit of your stomach like battered gnocchi. Beautiful in the non-shallow way." - Golden Lab Records

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carrageenan, smersh

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