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lizb on 10/29/2009 at 08:45AM

Spaced out, tuned in

The weather has been positively dreary in our area for the past few days, and there's nothing I crave more in the thick gray Fall than brain-melting drones.

Brian Turner hit the spot this week on his radio show with tracks by Earth, Magic Aum Gigi, and Mammal. And then cruising around on the FMA, I rediscovered the band F/i, who were active from early '80s to the early '00s. Back in my short-attention-spanned-2-min-punk-song-favoring days, I could not deny the screeching aluminum repetition of F/i's mini-epic "Trauma (at the Beach)," 6 heavy minutes that challenged what I accepted as rock music at the time.

F/i's "No Pepsi in Kabul" (below) is a more recent venture down the road that Hawkwind paved, spaced out and textured dirge with a raga beat and a few experimental guitar interjections. Big thanks to the Strange Attractors Audio House label, who are also offering some great tunes by artists like Glenn Jones, Subarachnoid Space, Cul De Sac and Paik.



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