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lizb on 04/22/2010 at 09:00AM

Compilation Fascination

I've been hitting a few compilations pretty hard lately on the FMA, and I must say that a recent favorite has been "New Weird Australia, Volume 3." The non-profit NWA group releases a new compilation of tunes from Australian artists that can be categorized loosely as "weird" every other month, they host a weekly radio show on FBi in Sydney, and put on live music events from time to time. My latest compilation muse, "NWA, Vol. 3," was released in November of 2009.

From mellow and woozy songs fit for a dream sequence, to repetitive krautrock jams, to dainty acoustic prances, to experimental electronic hiss, drones, and moments of glitch. This album won't start any parties, but it does wonders if you're driving, in a contemplative mood, just waking up, or stuck inside on a grey day. Check out a few of my favorite tracks below.

The NWA label offers even more lovely oddities, with two more volumes of compiled songs here on the FMA, and even more goodies available to download on their website.



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