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lewiswilliam on 05/02/2019 at 02:20PM

How to Keep Shapewear in Place All Day Long

One of the most frustrating things about shapewear is its tendency to slip and slide out of place while you wear it. For most women, discretion is a top priority when it comes to shapewear. Wearing shapewear is nothing to be ashamed of—in fact, it’s even trendy (just ask the Kardashian sisters)—but that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to announce to the world that you’re wearing shapewear underneath your clothes. Not only does shapewear sliding out of place disrupt its invisibility under your clothes, it can also cause significant discomfort throughout the day. All in all, it’s an inconvenient, frustrating annoyance that is far too common.

Before you throw in the towel and shove your shapewear to the back of your underwear drawer forever, check out these simple tips that can help you learn how to keep your shapewear in place all day long without slipping, sliding, rolling up, rolling down, or otherwise moving out of place.

1. Tuck it In

One of the easiest and most commonly overlooked techniques for keeping your shapewear in place is tucking it into your bra. This simple technique is effective for most high-waisted shapewear styles—including but not limited to high-waisted shaping panties, shaper shorts, and even some corset shapewear styles.

Tucking your shapewear into your bra is easy. Start by putting on your bra like normal before you put on your shapewear. Then, when you put on your high-waisted shapewear, pull its waistband up as far as possible and simply tuck it up underneath the band of your bra. You might need to adjust your bra a little bit for this trick to work well and keep your shapewear secure all day long. If the waistband of your shapewear keeps slipping out from under your bra band, simply tighten the band of your bra until it fits snugly enough to secure the material of your shapewear under it—but not so tightly that it digs into your skin or causes pinching or other discomfort.

2. Check for a Grip Strip

A “grip strip” is an inner lining that is sewn into the inside of shapewear and is designed to prevent your shapewear from rolling up or down while you wear it. Grip strips are usually made from silicone or a similar material that sticks gently to your skin without pinching, pulling, or itching. They are especially important in seamless shapewear with raw edges that are more prone to rolling up or down throughout the day.

The next time you’re shopping for new shapewear, make sure the styles you choose include grip strips that will keep them in place while you wear them. Most high-quality shapewear styles include grip strips for maximum security and discretion. Browse a wide selection of top-quality shapewear styles—most of which are crafted with durable grip strips—from luxury lingerie and shapewear online retailer HauteFlair.

3. Use Fashion Tape

Classic fashion tape can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping your shapewear in place—especially when it comes to less secure shapewear pieces like strapless, low-back and backless shapewear styles .

Apply fashion tape to the inside edges of your shapewear to help it stick to your skin and stay in place even if you sweat or move around. As long as you apply the tape carefully, your taped shapewear should still lay flat and remain invisible under your clothes. Fashion tape can supplement existing grip strips for added security or act in place of a grip strip in shapewear styles that lack built-in silicone lining.

4. Pick Styles with Seams

Seamless shapewear styles with raw, laser-cut edges are all the rage because of how discreet they are. It’s easy to keep seamless shapewear styles completely hidden underneath your clothes—as long as they don’t slide out of place while you’re wearing them.

Unfortunately, seamless shapewear styles are more likely to slip and slide out of place while you’re wearing them because of their lack of structure. If you’re frustrated with your seamless shapewear always moving around, start shopping for shapewear styles with seams. Shapewear with flat seams sewn into them can still remain completely discreet even under tight clothes, but will stay put more easily for comfortable and secure all-day wear.

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lewiswilliam on 04/21/2019 at 11:22AM

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Online Classes?


Apart from the traditional classes, online classes have been in existence for quite a while now and people have become accustomed to them. Some people may argue that they are a great replacement to the traditional classes and hence prefer them. Although there are disadvantages attached to online classes, you will be able to accrue immense benefits from taking online classes.

1. It is inexpensive

Students in traditional classes normally have to pay school fees as well as additional charges such as medical fees or transport fees that may be attached to the total amount that they are required to pay. For online classes, most sites offer their classes at no cost or have a minimal fee requirement. This makes it affordable and available for anyone who wants to pursue a course online able to register and acquire the knowledge and skills in a particular field that they are interested in.

2. User friendly

The thing about online classes is that they do not dictate whatever time you should attend. Unlike the traditional classes where there is a timetable and a schedule that dictates what time you should attend class, online classes are a bit more understanding and you are able to take them whenever you have the time. This means you are flexible and can attend to other issues at a certain time while taking classes at a more convenient time for you.

3. Self-discipline

Online classes have no known competition. You are the only student as far as you are concerned. This means that you have to practice self discipline when it comes to class attendance and doing of homework. There is no teacher to tell you to do this or pressure you to finish your work. You therefore have to work hard to earn your credits and pass your course. The student is therefore exercising self-discipline by undertaking online classes.

4. Great location

This is one of the greatest benefits of undertaking online classes. Wherever you are, you will be able to undertake online classes of your choice at the available institutions. Whether you are miles away, you will be able to attend the classes and score the credits. You do not have to travel from far to access the course. This has been convenient for many people from different countries who wish to study at far away institutions.

5. You get to work and study

Another benefit of studying online means that you get to keep your job. Most people cannot afford to study full time as they need to make a living. It is therefore a win-win situation as you are able to keep your job and still study online at your own time. For traditional classroom settings, you can only choose one. Classes are normally full-time and take up to eight hours a day. It will therefore be difficult to work and study simultaneously.

6. You learn other skills on the way

As an online student, you will be able to learn technical skills on the go. This will require equip you with additional skills on the way. You will learn how to navigate and access materials. It might seem like too much to learn but it is advantageous on your part to learn these skills.

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