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The Investigative Musicologist is a radio program airing on the University of Toronto's campus radio station, CIUT 89.5FM.  For the musically indecisive or musically adventurous, this is an indiscriminately jumbled, multi-directional show of new and old music spanning all across the musical universe – popular, classical, international, and a bunch of stuff in between.


Currently, it can be heard every Tuessday from midnight to 1am, EST.


Full playlist info and online streaming options available here.


Blog and other related info here.

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ladymock on 07/19/2012 at 06:50PM

The Investigative Musicologist Radio Show: Mood Music

Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra -- One of the mood music masters!

There's a range of genres under the umbrella of mood music: beautiful music, light music, lounge, exotica, space age, easy listening, elevator music, Muzak, and even music for film and television, to name the major ones.

We couldn't squeeze everything in the mood music spectrum into this show, but there's still lots of fantastic selections for the genres we do delve into -- and a ton of great cuts left over for future episodes!

Full playlist info and episode streaming options here.

CIUT show page.

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ladymock on 07/12/2012 at 02:53PM

The Investigative Musicologist Radio Show: The Public Domain

What do you think of when you hear the term "The Public Domain" in relation to music?  Really old pieces?  Music that has no copyright?  Works in the Creative Commons?  Perhaps even one or two specific genres come to mind?  The label is a fluid one, to say the least, and complete consensus on it appears unlikely.  In this episode we'll explore some of the ways the public domain has been understood and misperceived, and listen to music that's not only representative of these ideas, but also delivers the usual multi-directional jumble of music heard on the show. 

Full playlist info and episode streaming options here.

CIUT show page.

And check out extra goodies related to the episode.

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