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kingmmm1234 on 09/26/2011 at 05:42PM

Matthew Mullane & Homophoni

each Homophoni release comes with accompanying visual artwork, this one by Maureen Gubia, for Matthew Mullane's "Hut" (homo024)

Matthew Mullane is an improvisational guitarist and experimental electronic artist from Ohio who recently stopped by WFMU to play a set for Irene Trudell's show. His live performance and interview with Irene is up on the FMA here.

Recently, he has pointed us in the direction of Homophoni, a Creative Commons netlabel/artproject that pairs electroacoustic improvisational performances with accompanying visual artworks. Matthew has three works on Homophoni, two under his name and a third as Non Group.

The other Homophoni works available on the FMA were a few of Matthew Mullane's favorites, and can all be found at the Homophoni's FMA label page. Artists include Asher Thil-nir; Jason Kahn, and Gabriel Paiuk; Burkhard Beins, Michael Renkel, and Derek Shirley; Steven Flato; Tim Albero, Bonnie Jones, Jesse Kudler, and Howard Stelzer; Kevin Parks, and Joe Foster.

Check out Homophoni's website for a complete list of thier releases (48 and growing!) and more of Matthew Mullane's work here. His debut album is out now on Vin Du Select Qualitite (VDSQ) as part of the label's Solo Acoustic series, also featuring the likes of Thurston Moore, Mark McGuire, Allen Karpinski, Chris Brokaw, and more

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kingmmm1234 on 08/05/2011 at 03:38PM

kingmmm1234's 'Year And A Half of FMA' mix

image via flickr user bstabier, under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa 2.0 license.

This mix represents my history with the Free Music Archive since joining the site a year-and-a-half ago. The mix is not necessarily broken down in chronological order of when I first heard these songs but categorically organized as follows:

Intro: "The Commons" Great protest folksong with appropriate lyrics: "You claim to own our culture/And the music that we play"... "You may own the airwaves but you'll never own my voice." It starts of the Free! Music! Contest! sampler it is featured on and it will start off my mix.

Early Favorites: Doug & Judy Smith's Renewal was one of the first tracks I remember liking on the FMA. Beautiful guitar instrumental.

The Taxpayers (Punk), Black Math (Goth) Mors Ontologica (Rock), and Grass Widow (Indie rock) are probably my most listened to bands and my favorite tracks are included here. And Born Ruffians, Call Me Loretta (Indie Rock), and Talk Normal (No Wave)are pretty good too.

CCreative CCommons: Both Kevin MacLeod and Learning Music each have over a hundred tracks on the Archive. Kevin MacLeod's work is all licensed under the CC Attribution license allowing remixers a lot of freedom with his work. "Sugar Plum Fairy Dark Mix" is a great reworking of the Nutcracker tune and "The Forest and The Trees" belongs in a fantasy-adventure RPG. Meanwhile LM's "My Original Dictionary" is simply a fun song. 

New Boundaries: Lucky Dragons (electronic) and Kristeen Young (experimental pop), really blew me away the first time I heard them. "Mercy" and "I'll Get You Back" are both incredibly different.

8 bit: the FMA introduced me to 8 bit and I have loved every 8bit/chiptune song I've come across. Anamanaguchi, Bitshifter, Trash80, and Sycamore Drive are my favorite Chip artists so far.

Outro: Let's have the New Pornographers (Indie Rock) and The Men (Punk) close it out.

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