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katya-oddio: Wedding Mix 01: Loving You Is Fun

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Hurray! We got married! Here for your pleasure is our first FMA mix.


01. Rat City Brass "The Third Man Theme (Live @ KEXP)"

Some of the earliest records we had together were funny space age pop instrumental compilations.

02. The Moonlighters "My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now"

"Wedding's on Sunday. Honeymoon's Monday!"

03. Jon Rauhouse "The World is Waiting for a Sunrise"

Fun little tune, isn't it? And it features Jon's steel guitar!

04. Latché Swing "Hungaria"

We love gypsy jazz!

05. The Underscore Orkestra "Amari Szi"

This is a Hungarian gypsy song about a daughter-in-law. The title translates to, "She is Ours."

06. Lee Maddeford "Embellir (with Les Gauchers Quintet)"

Every wedding needs a waltz.

07. Jon Rauhouse "Bongo Ride"

BONGOS! BONGOS! BONGOS! was one of our first albums.

08. Voodoo Suite "You're My Thrill"

How true it is.

09. Hugo 'Droopy' Contini "Sandu"

Warm or cool, swinging or swaying, we love jazz. We also love the line by Lee Ving, "New York's alright -- if you like saxophones." Another favorite is from FATHER TED when Dougal and Ted wake up from "My Lovely Horse" and Ted screams, "We have to lose that sax solo!"

10. Here's How "From This Moment On"
and 11. Here's How "You Showed Me The Way"

A couple more from singer Bliss Blood

12. Lee Maddeford "Le petit jardin (with Les Gauchers Orchestra)"

A sweet tune, the sort that makes life lovely.


May you always have a song and love in your heart.


photo credit: Jane M Sawyer (license)


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