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Choice Cuts Added to the FMA in 2010

After repeatedly playing FMA favorites, it was clear that there is just too much music worth celebrating at the FMA to limit a list to the top 10 added this year. The task soon morphed into praising the best five to ten selections for many genres. All of the these tracks were added to the FMA 2010 and were favorites at Oddio Overplay headquarters.

Thank you to everyone who participated. You made 2010 a great year!


Lee Maddeford - Hymne Venus
Sláinte - Mairi's Wedding with Tacoma Youth Chorus
The Tudor Consort - Quel Augelin Che Canta (Claudio Monteverdi)
The Tudor Consort - Kyrie (Giovanni Animuccia)
The Tudor Consort - Magnificat BWV 243 (J S Bach)

Bensenville Municipal Band - Fucik: Entrance of the Gladiators ---- LATER PULLED FROM FMA
Bensenville Municipal Band - Rodgers: Circus on Parade ---- LATER PULLED FROM FMA
Lee Maddeford - Ouverture
Lee Maddeford - Le Petit Jardin (with Les Gauc
Bruno Walter conducting NBC Orchestra - Beethoven Symphony No 1 Menuetto

Bacalao - Offrande musicale
Bacalao - Trumpet Tune
Dr. Phibes and The Ten Plagues - Fortune Plango Vulnera (Orff)
Lanark - Satie Ladybug
MAT64 - Allegrotto con Moto ma Rubato

Bosques de mi Mente - Cierra los ojos un momento, recuerda...
James Yates - A72
Jozef van Wissem - Aerumna
Marcel Pequel - January
Nest - Lodge

Aestrid Byrne - The End: I am not here... ---- LATER PULLED FROM FMA
Lee Maddeford - Gigue
Nest - Kyoto
Nigel Simmons - Devil's Candy Shop
Salakapakka Sound System - Iti Joku Tuijottaa Meit Metsst

Anne van Schothorst - A Bird Came Flying
Cooper-Moore - 01 - a The Forest
Felipe Sarro - Alkan, 2me Suite, Op 31, 14 Ra
Felipe Sarro - Bach, Cello Suite 1, BWV 1007,
Peter Johnston - La Ere Gymnopedie

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