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I am a Book Promotor and service provider to Authors - website design, Graphic Design and Book Trailers - on the search for legal music to use with the right licences I came across FMA.  I am a small startup company so CC Licenced music is a godsend! I will be posting links to the Book Trailers we produce for authors so that the Music Artists can see the finished product here or on You Tube.

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on 03/22/2015 at 04:20AM
Book Promotor, Website design, Graphics - Covers Banners Teasers and Video Trailers. We are a start up company with minimal startup funds so we found this site on our search for legal music to use on the book trailers. I will post these videos on here and on the Artists pages so that they get to see the finished work with their music featured. Thanks in advance Kat