kandislord (Member)


Hi, and thanks for dropping by my page!   I'm a stay at home mom and have been for the the last 9 years..I am a Tailor by trade...I have 20 years sewing experience and have done an apprentice.. tailoring 9 years ago... design and fashion is one of my passions in life, where I can create and zone into my own colorful space... my other passion is reaching out to others...connecting and networking online, sharing skill sets with like minded people ....I believe in the power of Good will, Gratitude, and Giving Back... Personal Self development is a daily regime for myself, just as much as my daily bread.. I love to grow and learn even more each day about the incredible inner qualities I can tap into, to make my life a more meaningful place to be in.. I love my family tremendously, and live to spend the best of my quality time with them..I enjoy the reading and teachings from Mentors like Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Robert T. Kiyosaki, Toni Robbins, Kevin Trudeau..to name a few...   My Passion is in my Fashion Designing, and Inpirational Videos and Vlogs.. I also love to help other like minded, creative individuals find their way to a life of freedom through the expression of their talents.. I live in Beautiful British Columbia.... Canada, where we have access to the best of Lakes, Hiking, Skiing, and snowboarding...which are all favorite activities of mine.. My next stop will be travelling to the beaches of the world....   kandislord.com