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kademlia on 03/23/2016 at 02:04AM

Honey Larochelle: Hijack

It is hard not to feel excited heading into Honey Larochelle’s music, knowing that she was mentored by none other than the R&B goddess Roberta Flack herself, and that her mother toured with Marvin Gaye. Her debut album was an edgy mix of soul, R&B, hip-hop and reggae and now with Hijack, she returns with trap and EDM added to her arsenal.

Opening with the title-track, Honey gives us a strong dose of catchy trap music packed with rattling hi-hats and explosive beats. Her voice is seductive and powerful, and is backed by her equally charming songwriting. The track that follows, however, is easily the EP’s most impressive offering – Protection. Riding on a smooth, sensuously surrounding electronic harmony, Honey delivers her most passionate and virtuosic vocal performance from the record.

The sudden transition from the organic sensuality of Protection to the overpowering EDM of Dimensionsmay be a turn off for some, but Honey gets back on track with Wonderland and No Man’s Land, finding the perfect balance between heavy electronic riffing and soulful melody.

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kademlia on 10/28/2014 at 05:48AM

Kellee Maize: The Remixes

Kellee Maize The Remixes

For all those of you following Kellee Maize and her releases here is something different. The independent rapper, singer, activist, and entrepreneur just released her new album, The Remixes, taking the nine of her greatest hits and taking them for another spin. The album is definitely one to bring you much needed energy for the day. Filled with great electronic arrangements and plenty of great beats there is just nothing more to add, so let’s start with a little preview.

In Tune is the first track to fully set you off on a journey through this new dance sound. It takes you up and down with its rising synths, just to drop down to uncover some great new beats and fully showcase Kellee’s lyrics.

I Insist starts off with more bass, quickly diving into the singer taking the floor, and returns to the unforgivable sound that floats between soulful sounds to drop-it-down beats.


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