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jorgemariozuleta on 05/25/2016 at 05:09PM

Oh my God. Such lovely sounds all around!

Puffff. Well Lately I am drawing a lot. From code, as usual. Running (farming someone might say) algorithms during hours. My goal is to link to a number of great musicians and colour over their waves with my glitchy crusty bitmaps. I will show to the musicians first and then I think I would start to make public those tiny vids. Neverhteless thanks to all for such lovely sounds!!!

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jorgemariozuleta on 03/28/2016 at 05:28PM

Thanks for all the music, 2015+

I am quite impressed of how lovely people really is. Here my train of thought: October '14, Mad as a rabbied raccon.... Just mad and mean. I was certanly un beareable. Then, on Halloween night: I suddenly got aware of that. -Why I am not making films? I didn't know.


I made my numbers. If only I could make a short movie of 1 1/4 minute per week. I should have a decent 1 hour 20 minutes movie in a year.


Didn't happen as planned. When I started my edition, I found the desired footage was WAY too boring... Well. One hour and a half of grass, a street and the sky is not easy to see. What it did happen is that I took 15 seconds of each footage for a decent 15 minutes short film.

Now the relevant stuff. Here at the very core of FMA I start hearing new fresh music. I timidly start asking to the musician for permissions for using their vibes in my movie. All of them result amazingly lovely. Every single one. I started collecting new sounds and I grew in their love for the music. Well.... long story shortish... I finally couldn't make my new soundtrack from my colleages work but I made my own noise. Here the final soundtrack

After that I started to submit films to different Festivals around the globe with a major film site. Some with shared music, some other with my own. Since then my images (and sounds) are being in different Festivals. This couldn't be possible without such lovely people like FMA community.

Now I am making new colours. I'll be in touch then.

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nozze: foto e musica
on 05/23/2016 at 02:36PM
Hello Jorge, great posts and yes, I was sure you'd be here in 2016 also.
on 12/05/2015 at 01:43PM
on 08/19/2015 at 12:18AM
Thanks for sending me the video, Jorge. Since I'm just an FMA volunteer (and am pretty much done for the summer), you might want to post your link on Cheyenne's page (