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jessevdoom on 11/26/2012 at 12:00AM

Can Open Source Technology Save Music? — by Jesse von Doom & Maggie Vail of CASH Music

CashWe are now more than a decade into the technological revolution that turned the music industry upside down. Initially, it felt like there was so much possibility, that the internet might be the great democratizer, that it could empower artists to take more control over their careers, and ultimately allow them to see more of a percentage of income from their music. There have been some success stories, but it seems the vast majority of artists today are struggling even more, making less money yet paying more middlemen. 

Recently musicians have begun to be more open about discussing their shrinking percentages in this music industry food chain. There’s been articles in the past few months about major indie artists that are unable to pay for their own health insurance, bands frustrated with payments they receive via streaming services, and apparently now Cat Power is even facing bankruptcy.  When artists are willing to publicly talk about money it means that things are definitely taking a turn for the worse.  

People often like to talk about disruption when discussing the music industry but the initial disruption was the easy part, think of it like screaming fire in a crowded theater, it’s actually putting something together after that chaos that is the difficult and interesting work. Every few years we see a different solution touted as the answer. First it was mp3 downloads, then it was internet radio, and now that the cloud is here it’s streaming on demand. This sort of technological determinism is market driven and frankly isn’t necessarily what most artists need or even want.

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jessevdoom on 12/18/2010 at 03:15PM

Some Songs From 2010

It's that time of year again, the end of it, and everyone's posting their best-of 2010 lists. A flood of great music pounds against every blog, so rather than trying to make a list of the "best" music I decided to shine a light on some songs that were real hight-points in my year — from the halls of the FMA with a few new additions snuck in to round things out. 

So without further ado, here are Some Songs:

But wait there's more!

There were two more songs I wanted to add to the mix, but you'd be missing out if you didn't see the videos. So check these out in all their moving picture glory:

If you're looking for a proper best-of list you need look no further than the Free Music Archive homepage or basically any blog — but I'd recommend checking out Greg Kot's Top 10/20 list. (Greg covered all bases, so there's something for everyone in there.)

And there's a lot of really great stuff not listed in this playlist or most year-end make sure you find time for 2010 music from Titus Andronicus, Dios, Magnetic Island, Zola Jesus, Former Ghosts, Philip Selway, Philip Bailey, Well and Goode, Family of the Year, Das Racist, Howl, She Makes War, Frightened Rabbit, Woodsy Pride — and suggest more because I know I'm leaving a lot of deserving folks off of the list. 

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on 01/15/2010 at 04:02PM
hi jesse..thanks for the add. i really love what you guys doing in CASH Music. it's very inspiring