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jason on 10/03/2010 at 12:30PM

all2gethernow Creative Commons Compilation 2010

Berlin Music Week 2010 = Berlin Festival + all2gethernow + PopKomm. This photo is from a2n camp at Tempelhof airport, via the all2gethernow facebook page

When the Berlin music industry convention PopKomm was canceled in 2009 due to the economic state of the music industry and the world at-large, some people thought that was all-the-more reason to hold a conference. They called it all2gethernow, and -- working in conjunction with a rejuvenated PopKomm -- a2n was part of the first-annual Berlin Music Week September 5-12 2010.

Wolfgang Senges is one of the organizers behind all2gethernow, and he curated this compilation of Creative Commons music from Germany's incredibly vibrant netlabel scene. There's so much happening in the German Creative Commons community right now, it's amazing; for example, check out Phlow a magazine devoted entirely to covering netaudio; the annual Cologne Commons conference; Berlin's "netaudio bar", and an emerging Creative Commons Collecting Society.

During my trip to Berlin Music Week, I got to thinking that the strength of the German CC music movement is precisely because it exists in opposition to one of the world's most conservative copyright collection societies.  Unlike in America where antitrust laws prevent this sort of thing, GEMA have a monopoly over both performing and mechanical reproduction rights, and they use this power to combat the digital era rather than embrace it, bullying everyone from Jamendo to YouTube, and preventing their members from harnessing the potential of the digital era. You can study up on these issues at Wolfgang Senges' blog ContentSphere, which is also where the rest of this post comes from:


For all2gethernow 2010 (a2n), I contacted a few guys from the German netlabel community plus some artists and teamed up compiling this sampler. It includes various styles of music, from electronics to singer/songwriter stuff. But, you should take a listen for yourself. It’s a treat.


Involved (net)labels: 12rec., aaahh records, Error Broadcast, Resting Bell, P-Pack Records, rec72, Weisser Herbst.


Many thanks to the label owners, artists and people who supported the project - in alphabetical order: Danny Bruder (P-Pack Records), Christian Giering (Finetunes), Oke Göttlich (Finetunes), Christian Grasse (aaahh records), Zoe.LeelA, Marco Medkour (rec72), meik michalke (/’angstalt/Open Music Contest), Matthias Quellmann (Finetunes), Roland (Machtdose Podcast), Christian Roth (Resting Bell), Moritz “mo.” Sauer (, Sim Sullen (12rec.), Sven Swift (12rec./Error Broadcast), Thomas Ternes (

-- via Wolfgang Senges / ContentSphere 



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